Voting for development in Nepal

The Nepal Administrative Staff College, supported by the Governance Facility and the Central Bureau of Statistics, has conducted the first survey to “understand perceptions of different dimensions of governance in [Nepal]”. The survey provides interesting facts and figures regarding the Nepali electoral process, as a large part of the respondents (92%) stated they participated to the elections.

One key observation is that almost three quarters (70%) of the respondents stated that their main motivation for voting has been development of their country. The obvious correlation that many voters made between democracy and development indicate, among other things, the high expectations vested in the newly elected representatives and the fact that they will be held accountable for the progress (or lack thereof) of development at the next election.

The Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18 has been conducted at a historic moment of political transformation in the country following the 2015 Constitution, which establishes a federal system of governance. The survey’s evidence-based findings and insights will guide future policy design and institutional capacity-building in the country.

The Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/2018 can be accessed here.

The Electoral Support Project- Phase II (ESP) is a technical assistance initiative which focuses on a long-term institutional and professional capacity development of the Election Commission (ECN) for conducting credible, inclusive and transparent elections. The objectives of the project are 1) to strengthen the capacity of the ECN to function as an independent and credible institution, 2) to allow the conduct of the election cycle in an effective, sustainable, and credible manner, and 3) to increase democratic participation, particularly for under-represented and disadvantaged segments of the Nepali society. ESP is currently funded by EU.


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