Electoral Support Project (ESP) Phase II​


Institutional Strengthening and Professional Development Support for the Electoral Commission in Nepal.

The Electoral Support Project (ESP) is a technical assistance initiative focused on long-term institutional capacity development of the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) for conducting credible, inclusive and transparent elections.

The project is aligned with the Strategic Plan of the ECN (2015- 2019) and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), 5 (Gender Equality) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities)


COVID-19 updates

Emerging stronger from the pandemic.

The Electoral Support Project (ESP) has been identifying new ways to engage with the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) during this pandemic, and leveraging those opportunities. This has meant that the project has worked closely with the Commission to facilitate working through digital medium, such as conducting virtual meetings and increasing online collaboration.

In many ways, this is improving ECN’s internal communications – virtual meetings are offering the Commission unprecedented ways to engage with all 77 field offices through a common platform, and at the same time.

Respecting the need of the hour, the project’s plan for the remaining months was adjusted to take into account that work requiring face-to-face interaction cannot be carried out. This has given the project more time to focus on analytical and conceptual work, strategic and technical advice, as well as technical support to the Commission.

Additionally, the ESP team has also been supporting the lager UNDP team in Nepal in the fight against the COVID-19 to prepare, respond, recover and emerge stronger from this pandemic.


Strengthened capacity of 16183 people on electoral issues


Capacitated 2050 people with disabilities on electoral education.


National Assembly Election


Ek Vote, Election Commission, Nepal, 2020

EU Ambassador in Nepal Veronica Cody inauguration speech on World Press Freedom Day 2019



Promoting peaceful election Pachthar District 22 April 2017


Orientation on gender exercise


Access to Basic Services
in the Context of COVID-19

Issues Faced by Women in
the Context of COVID-19

Issues Faced by Marginalised Communities in the Context of COVID-19

Issues Faced by Persons with Disabilities in the Context of COVID-19

Issues Faced by Senior Citizens in the Context of COVID-19

Issues Faced by Gender and Sexual Minorities in the Context of COVID-19

Where we work

Our objectives

Credible, inclusive and transparent elections of local units, provincial and federal parliaments held.

Increased participation of women and vulnerable groups in the upcoming elections as voters and candidates.

Election Commission capable of organizing future elections with minimal foreign assistance.