Using Mobile Application to Impact Electoral Education

“This mobile application is so much fun and a great learning tool!” exclaims Ms. Natasha Mathema (picture on right), a secondary school student from Kathmandu. She is excited at the prospect of learning via a mobile application and elaborates, “I have never taken such a course via a mobile application before, that too in our […]

Election Commission Establishes a New Mechanism to Reach All Voters

The Election Commission, Nepal has recently established a mechanism and appointed Electoral Focal Persons, with 7 Electoral Focal Persons from the provincial government, and 753 from the local government spread across the country in an effort to reach all voters at the grassroot level. These focal persons are the Secretaries of the Office of the […]

Election Commission Strengthens Ways to Reach Voters

The Election Commission, Nepal, in a stride to enhance outreach among the voters and citizens, has recently launched two new knowledge products, a Code of conduct for the Commission’s officials and staff, and three new polices in a virtual event. The Chief Election Commissioner, Honourable Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, and Election Commissioners, Honourable Ishwori Prasad Paudyal; […]

Making way for a better tomorrow

The Election Commission, Nepal has recently endorsed three policies: Gender and Inclusion Policy, Human Resources Policy and Social Media Policy. The gender and inclusion policy emphasizes the Commission’s commitment to ensure gender inclusion in its organizational structure and all phases of the electoral cycle, which is as envisioned by the Constitution of Nepal. The policy […]

UNDP Marks World Press Freedom Day

                     This year, the theme for the World Press Freedom Day is information as a public good. To celebrate this important day, a virtual event led by the Federation of Nepali Journalists, and supported by Election Commission, UNESCO and UNDP was organized on 3 May. There […]