Strengthening the System for Electoral Dispute Resolution and Electoral Justice in Nepal

Strengthening the System for Electoral Dispute Resolution and Electoral Justice in Nepal

Electoral dispute resolution and electoral justice are core elements for credible elections and a strengthened democracy. In line with its mandate, the UNDP Electoral Support Project (ESP) contributed to strengthening Nepal’s electoral justice system to effectively resolve electoral disputes. The project supported the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) to develop a procedure for electoral dispute resolution […]

Using Social Media to Enhance Electoral Education Outreach

Ahead of the by-elections, the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) amplified its digital presence through its Facebook page as well as its website. In that sense, it used the social media and the website as platforms to reach out to current and future voters to keep them engaged with, and informed and updated on the activities […]

By-elections Successfully Completed in Nepal

By-elections Successfully Completed in Nepal

Nepal successfully completed the by-elections on 30 November to fill 52 vacant positions at the local, provincial and federal levels. The total number of candidates who contended for the elections was 337, out of whom 34 were female. The by-elections were completed in a manner generally accepted as peaceful, with the vote counting and the […]

A Platform for Dialogue for Women

A Platform for Dialogue for Women Nepal

Even successful professional women often continue to face discrimination in Nepal. In order to overcome such barriers in relation to elections, Sancharika Samuha, an organisation supporting woman journalists, organised an interaction programme from 18 to 20 October in Lalitpur. The first two days consisted of a workshop with women in journalism and the important role […]

Securing Meaningful Participation in the Electoral Cycle from All Electoral Stakeholders

UNDP electoral assistance project disability workshop

“I want to be viewed as more than just a vote bank,” Kiran Shilpakar, President of National Association of Physical Disabled Nepal, says at the three-day BRIDGE workshop on disability rights and elections. The BRIDGE workshop was organized by the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) to increase the political participation and access of people with disabilities […]

Preparations for the by-elections kick off at the Election Commission

Preparations by elections Nepal Electoral Commission

On 30 November 2019 Nepal will see the biggest by-elections in its history,  with nearly half a million voters to elect representatives for at least 51 vacant positions across the country. The Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) started preparations and organized a two-day Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) workshop on Electoral Operational Planning […]

A Fun Way to Learn about Elections

A fun way to learn about elections in Nepal

The Electoral Education and Information Centre (EEIC) provides an informative, interactive and interesting learning experience on civic and voter education, and easily appeals to the youth. “I thought that the EEIC would be a boring place. However, I am pleasantly surprised by how much fun it actually is,” Sheema Chapagain, a tenth grader at Vidya […]

Story: Using BRIDGE for Capacity Development

Story: using BRIDGE to capacity development Nepal

Surya Prasad Aryal, Under Secretary of the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) as well as Head of the Electoral Education and Information Centre, is a key player in the capacity-building endeavors of the Election Commission, Nepal (ECN). After joining the civil service 20 years ago, Aryal plays a pivotal role in helping sensitize the ECN staff […]

Capacitating Community Learning Centres on Democracy and Elections

Capacitating Community Learning Centres on Democracy and Elections

A five-day workshop on developing capacities of Community Learning Centres (CLCs) on facilitation, management and civic education was organised in Bhaktapur from 5 – 9 August 2019. The participants of the workshop included members of 22 CLCs from Bhaktapur municipality. The CLC is a community-based non-formal educational institution that provides a range of services and […]